Latest Versions

When a major upgrade occurs and a new major version number is released, for example, Solar Fire v8 becomes Solar Fire v9, we announce it to all customers on our mailing list.

Occasionally we also make minor enhancements, which result in changes to the minor version numbers, for example, v9.0.0 becomes v9.0.1.

If you are a registered owner of one of our major programs, then you can download and run a patch update file to ensure that your program is as up-to-date as possible. See list of latest patch update files.

Here are our latest version numbers:

  • Solar Fire v9.0.26
  • Solar Maps v5.0.3 (contained within Solar Fire v9)
  • Solar Writer v3.5.1
  • Astro Gold iOS v5.3.2
  • Astro Gold macOS v2.6
  • Astro Gold Android v2.2.9
  • JigSaw v2.2.3 (NOTE: This latest update only available as a Full installation – there is no patch.)
  • Astro┬áSpark v1
  • AstroTides v1.1.0
  • Imperial Astrologer v1.0.8 (NOTE: This latest update automatically updates v1.0.4 and v1.0.5. Older versions need to be uninstalled first)

It’s not always essential for you to have the latest version on your CD, however, if you would like to update your CD within the same version of your program, you can do so at a cost of AUD$55 plus postage. Please send your disks to:

P.O. Box 159 Seaford
Vic 3198.