Specialty Products

Esoteric Technologies has a range of specialty astrology products available for your use. Because each product is different, we have placed information about each one on a separate page. Please use the buttons below to access this information and to read more about each specialist product available.

Asteroid Add-On

This add-on enables you to install 10,000+ asteroid ephemerides including the updated 66 pre-selected asteroid name topic groupings to help you explore the wonderful world of asteroids.

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Astrological Rulerships Freeware

A nifty little Windows program that enables you to see the traditional (or ancient), modern, esoteric and hierarchical sign rulerships and decanate rulerships at a glance.

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Australian Data Collection

This is a collection of more than 250 charts of prominent Australians (and immigrants) and Australian events, all source, and some with biographical notes and important dates.

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Australian Stock Market Data Series

This essential series of data is ideal for anyone interested in financial astrology and the cycles of the stock market. The series contains over 250 first trade data and over 200 incorporation charts for Australian stocks.

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Book of World Horoscopes on CD

This epic collection of over 400 historically sourced national charts examines world events and if an individual may do better in one country than in another—or why we have certain experiences only in particular places.

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Solar Font

This astrological font designed for use on PC Windows and MacOS, makes writing astrological reports so much easier. The Solar Font contains a complete set of symbols for planets, astrological signs and aspects plus more.

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