A Little History…

What happens when a passionate and experienced astrologer collaborates with a brilliant programmer?

Award winning software programs designed for and appreciated by astrologers around the world.

This is how Esoteric Technologies commenced in 1990. A partnership between Stephanie Johnson (the astrologer) and Graham Dawson (the programmer) resulted in the creation and development of today’s best selling program Solar Fire.

Solar Fire was the first astrological software program on the market for Windows. Over the years, the development and evolution of Solar Fire encouraged Esoteric Technologies to develop complimentary products such as Solar Writers, Solar Spark and Jigsaw.

Today, Esoteric Technologies has grown to be truly international and its team of expert astrologers and software developers continue their drive to develop accurate and dynamic solutions that will benefit the wonderful astrological community they have immersed themselves in.

This includes work on cutting-edge astrology calculations and interpretations with their latest product Astro Gold apps developed for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Android. As well as their Stars Webservice, an online service for astrologers who want to put astrological calculations on their own website.

As your journey in astrology evolves, so do our services and solutions. Let Esoteric Technologies be your astrology partner to help and support you as you grow and develop your knowledge and skills.

The success of Esoteric Technologies could not be possible without the amazing people that contribute to the design, development, maintenance, support and administration of the business. We thank all of our collaborators.

Meet The Team

Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson, Director of Esoteric Technologies.
A founding member, Stephanie has helped create, design, develop and author Solar Fire and its complimentary products. She is the author of many of the Solar Writer astrology reports. (Click here to see a sample of one of her reports). As well as being one of the creators of the Astro Gold app and Stars Webservice.

Stephanie also runs her own Seeing With Stars astrology consultation business.

Stephanie holds a Federation of Australian Astrologers’ Practitioner’s Certificate and Diploma. She is a practitioner of Medieval Astrology and the Ancient Wisdom teachings. She has lectured at national conferences, and her articles have appeared in Australian and UK publications. She is editor of the Australian Data Collection. Before commencing her professional astrology career Stephanie was a journalist for 15 years in Australia, England and the USA. (Click here to view Stephanie’s Portfolio)

Zane B SteinZane B Stein, Technical Support Manager.
In typical Gemini fashion, Zane has been active in a number of different careers. He has been involved with astrology for more than 40 years and is known for his pioneering research on Chiron. As an astrologer, he is a member of both ISAR and AFAN. He has also worked as an IT Technical Support Specialist for the past 13 years, helping to solve software, hardware and internet problems.

Zane has worked as a salesman, designed websites, has a degree in hypnosis and has interviewed a number of noted show business personalities for newspaper articles. Originally from the United States, he now had made Australia his new home. He can be contacted at support@esotech.com.au

Rhonda ButteryRhonda Buttery, Leading Trainer
Rhonda has long been associated with Solar Fire as the Queensland agent. She runs our Online Training sessions.

Rhonda has served for many years as secretary then president of the Queensland Federation of Astrologers (QFA), representing on the Federation of Australian Astrologers National Council.

Rhonda has many years experience in training. Her teaching career began with an afternoon ballet school whilst completing high school.  She has taught machine knitting, produced exclusive designer knitwear for Melbourne fashion stores and private clients. Completing her typewriting teacher’s diploma, she also taught typing and administration at Business College.  When the workplace training system changed in the late 1990s, she worked as a Workplace Trainer in Office Administration.

For online training enquiries please contact Rhonda via 0488 111 078