Accredited Software Demonstrators

Our team of experts is ready to make your software experience fun. In fact our technical support team enjoys solving problems. They so rarely occur. Technical support can be contacted by phone on (08) 8365 1117 or by email at

However, if you would like extra private tuition either over the phone or in person, please feel free to contact one of our Accredited Software Demonstrators. These expert astrologers are available for extra tuition in our range of professional astrology software. Private tuition is likely to range in cost from AUD$50 to $70 (plus GST if applicable) per hour and AUD$20 travel fees if tuition is not at the Demonstrators’ workplace. Please note that these are our recommended prices and that individual software demonstrators have the right to set their own prices.

(Please email Stephanie Johnson at if you would like to apply to become an Accredited Software Demonstrator in your area)


Rhonda Buttery (QLD) – Email: Ph: (07) 3821 3036
Stephen Janev (VIC) – Email: Ph: (03) 9890 1203
Christine Murfitt (NSW) – Email: Ph: (02) 8850 7822
Alice Portman (SA) – Email


Upasika (Ak) – Email:
Ph: 09 837 7979 and 021 348 804