Book of World Horoscopes on CD

Nicholas Campion, one of the world’s foremost exponents of mundane astrology, now offers his Book of World Horoscopes on CD.

His epic collection of national horoscopes, based on 15 years of research, comes as a result of his examination of world events and at questions such as why individuals may do better in one country than in another—or why we have certain experiences only in particular places.

He brings his experience as a former history lecturer to his astrology and has developed his collection through the classic work “Mundane Astrology” (written with Michael Baigent and Charles Harvey), the encyclopaedic survey of astrological techniques, and “The Great Year”, his study of the relationship between astrology and history.

The Book of World Horoscopes collection on CD contains the 406 historically-sourced National Charts from the Book.

You will be able to instantly access any one of these charts in Solar Fire, Solar Writer, Solar Maps, Solar Spark or JigSaw.

This chart collection is the most thorough and comprehensive collection of its kind. It’s a fantastic predictive tool, and an essential aid to any natal analysis. It will enable you to extend your chart interpretations to advise clients on the prospects they might face in any country.

Nicholas Campion is President of the Astrological Association. He has postgraduate degrees in history and politics from Cambridge and London Universities, and has been a professional astrologer for more than 20 years. He has lectured for the Centre for Psychological Astrology and the Faculty of Astrological Studies, and has taught astrology around the world.

His books include The Practical Astrologer, An Introduction to the History of Astrology; Mundane Astrology (written with Michael Baigent and Charles Harvey); and The Great Year. He is the winner of the 1992 Marc Edmund Jones Award and the 1995 Prix Georges Antares.

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