JigSaw is a powerful astrological tool designed to take astrological pieces and put them together to help you see the Big Picture. With a huge list of features and functions for all needs and requirements, JigSaw is a perfect additional astrological tool!

Version 2.2 of JigSaw includes more than five hours of tutorials by Bernadette Brady, plus a built-in full ACS Atlas and the latest Swiss Ephemeris files.

Version 2.2

Exclusive to Jigsaw version 2.2, world-renowned astrologer Bernadette Brady shares her astrological knowledge and technical know-how to help you make the most of your Jigsaw program with 18 separate tutorials.  These tutorials step beyond the workings of the program that the online manual offers and address the thinking behind the method to gain a better understanding of the program.

JSOpeningOther features include;

  • An embedded ACS Atlas (250,000+ locations) with full up-to-date timezone history, and new ACS lookup dialog including ability to search for places across countries, if no country/state name entered.AND the Date Edit screen and New Chart screen now allow ACS to be used (including auto-lookup option).
  • State-of-the-art accuracy and range of Swiss Ephemeris (5400BCE to 5400CE).
  • Ability to send rectification project files direct to Solar Fire, complete with life event entries (via Rectification menu).
  • Copy your Data to the Clipboard and Paste into a Document or Email with the Addition of Copy button to Events Listing print dialog.
  • Import directly from Solar Fire v6 format chart files (*.SFCht)
  • The data entry, file open, file save and research tabulations screens are sizeable
  • Research tabulations results can be copied to clipboard (as text or as graphic)
  • You can also register your version of JigSaw v2.1, check for program updates, ask technical questions and make suggestions via the Help menu.
  • This version of JigSaw is fully compatible with Windows Vista and XP

JigSaw is divided into three sections:

  • Family Patterns
  • Rectification
  • Research

Each section is composed of a distinct and different set of tools created for examining the astrological relationships between people and life.

Family Patterns

You will be absolutely thrilled with the new automated Group Astro Dynamics report in the family patterns section of JigSaw version 2.

This unique profile report unveils the psychological dynamics in your family or any group. With the help of JigSaw version 2 you can produce a report of up to 10 pages at the click of a button consisting of:

  • house and sign emphasis in any group of 3 or more people.
  • the prominent harmonic and midpoint patterns, complete with an analysis of any vacant points.
  • interpretations text written by world-renowned astrologer Bernadette Brady revealing the patterns of the group.

The Family Patterns section enables you to manually search for patterns within groups of charts. Once you have found your pattern you can click on the delineate button and produce your own profile report with interpretations. This section has to be seen to be believed!

Family Patterns is an exciting way of doing multi-chart synastry. It takes any group of people or events that have something in common and displays their charts on the screen side by side in linear rather than circular form. This immediately lets you see what degrees are shared by the charts.

You can draw a line through any degree to see what all the charts have on that degree, or highlight any planet or midpoint to see where it falls in each of the charts. You can also instantly change the harmonic of the charts to see the various kinds of inter-aspects or harmonic patterns within the group, as well as view any chart in wheel form.

The program will also search for family patterns, using whatever harmonics, planets, midpoints or degrees you specify. It then quickly displays the patterns it finds in easy-to-read circular diagrams.

You’ll be amazed to see how the purpose of the group is shown astrologically, and how the different individuals link into the group dynamic!


The Rectification section is NOW AUTOMATED, making finding an unknown birth time easier than ever.

Just enter the life events and natal details and in an instant, you will get a list of suggested birth times ranked in order of the scores that they received when tested against transits, progressions and directions. The automated process is an excellent introduction to rectification, while the manual process has been improved for greater ease of use. This section is now ideal for both the beginner and advanced astrologer.

Facilities to rectify using secondary and tertiary progressions and solar arc directions is now available allowing astrologers to use more than one graph to combine both Geocentric and Heliocentric coordinate systems in the rectification process.

Another delightful addition is the improved Dynamic Chart. It’s now possible to watch all of the planets rotate around a chart. Astrologers will want to spend hours watching transiting, progressing and solar arc directed planets spin around charts highlighting important aspects before their very eyes!

Even if you know the birth time, the rectification module can tell you much about how a chart responds to transits. It can also help you make minor adjustments to a known birth time so as to improve the accuracy of forecasts.


The research section of JigSaw has to be one of the most powerful software research tools on the market. Firstly researchers can tabulate and graph trends with unprecedented ease, searching large groups of charts for a wide variety of astrological factors.

Whatever the user specifies instantaneously produces graphic display of results. Bar or polar graphs let you see in a flash whether the effect is worth pursuing, and tables give exact figures. Plus, you can click on any part of a graph or table for an instant chi-square evaluation.

You can search for specific criteria within your chart files in the powerful new Criteria Search section. The list of criteria is seemingly never-ending. To give you an inkling of just some of the possibilities the criteria include planets in signs, houses, decanates, plus essential dignities, altitude, declination, azimuth and more. This new version of JigSaw even allows you to search for degree and chart almutens! Simply set up your almuten in the new almuten editor and add it to your list of criteria.

The data entry screen with extra options makes for the professional researchers’ dream software. You can add unlimited numeric or textual data fields to each record in a project and this data may be used to select or filter records using Boolean logic. Data files can be of unlimited length!

As in all other parts of JigSaw you can keep a file of notes associated with each project you do. You can make permanent, high-resolution printouts of all the charts, tables, graphs and diagrams, either for a personal record of research or for articles and research papers.

ATLAS JigSaw version 2 can be linked to the ACS PC Atlases which cover the world with their instant place and time zone information. The ACS atlases have instantly recallable information to help you calculate your charts quickly and efficiently.

Data Includes a Free Collection of Charts and Data. To provide data for practice, JigSaw includes:

  • 17 life events for Buzz Aldrin
  • 12 life events for Richard Nixon
  • 20 life events for Cyril Fagan
  • 34 timed astronaut charts
  • 43 timed British royal family charts
  • 13 timed natal and event charts for the Kennedy family
  • 41 timed charts of U.S. presidents
  • 21 dated charts of Australian prime ministers
  • 55 dated charts of popes
  • 399 dated charts of stage and screen stars
  • 629 dated charts of published Australian poets
  • 1,600 dated charts of popular musicians
  • 1,900 records of Adelaide rainfall (1879—1979) categorised according to daily rainfall in millimetres
  • 500 records of the world’s worst storms 600ce to 1990ce categorised according to type of storm, number of deaths, country and damage PLUS
  • The Australian Data Collection: 130+ charts categorised by profession

Requirements For Jigsaw Version 2

PC or compatible computer with Pentium processor (or equivalent)
About 10 MB of disk space for a full installation
VGA video resolution – XGA or better is recommended
A mouse pointing device
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10- 500 MB of RAM minimum – 1 GB of RAM or more recommended

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The Authors

Esoteric Technologies co-wrote JigSaw with Bernadette Brady. She is an internationally-known Australian astrologer, inventor of the Brady Rectification Graph and author of The Eagle and the Lark: A Textbook of Predictive Astrology (Weiser, 1992), and Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars (Weiser, 1998).