Other Charting Software

In addition to our main line of charting software, Esoteric Technologies has some alternative charting software packages that serve more specific purposes. Please take a look at each package using the buttons below, and discover which of these is perfect for your needs!

IA_modImperial Astrologer

The Imperial Astrologer program enables you to delve into the wonder that is Chinese astrology. With this simple to use program you can view and print your own Chinese Four Pillar Analysis and interpretations report.

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Jigsaw of constellationsJigSaw

JigSaw is a powerful astrological tool designed to take astrological pieces and put them together to help you see the BIG PICTURE. With a huge list of features and functions for all needs and requirements, JigSaw is a perfect additional astrological tool!

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Home ScreenSolar Spark

Solar Spark is an astro alarm clock and quick chart calculator with interpretation text. It is currently available as a free download but has been updated and so will soon cost, so take this chance to look and download your copy today.

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Moon CyclesAstrotides for Moon Calculations

Astrotides is a stand alone Lunar Astrology software that is captivating as it brings the phases of the Moon to life on your screen.

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